Data Science Camp

SmartInsight machine learning practitioners will share theory and experience of solving real-world problems. Home tasks will let you practice to get prepared to manage commercial tasks. Upon completion you will be ready to pass the interview for the Junior Data Scientist position.

Best students will be invited for employment at SmartInsight and other companies-partners.

Data Science Camp Machine Learning Fundamentals gives an introduction to Data Science including:

*Full reimbursement if completed home tasks

Steps to join the course:

Register to course

Complete the test tasks

Pass the interview

Data Science Camp Machine Learning Fundamentals lecturers:

Oleksiy Tsebriy

course mentor

SmartInsight organizes Data Science Camp 2021 in order to prepare and engage talented people inspired to learn and evolve in data science direction.

Bohdan Oryshchak

data scientist

The scope of DS is very wide and complex, so it is difficult to start the discovery on your own. DS Camp allows you to smoothly deep into that realm , as well as to master the necessary basic knowledge and tools to solve various problems in this area. Solving tasks along the camp will allow you to feel more confident at looking for a job and actually at working on Data Science tasks.

Feedback from graduates of Data Science Camp:

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Oleksandr Smolyak

Good presentation of interesting and practically important things. Friendly atmosphere, regular feedback and help from lecturers.

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Mykola Havrylov

It was a good experience for me. When I came to data science camp I didn't know about data scientists and how they work at all. Earlier I didn't think that data science would that area in which I would work, because I thought it was too complicated for me and I would not succeed in it. What I have now, I passed this data science camp and I found out a lot about that area. So, if you are interested in data science and have a strong intention to know more about that, it will be great opportunity for you.

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Andriy Aliluyko

Data Science Camp is extremely cool in content. Extremely interesting practical tasks. It was useful for me that lecturers and invited guests shared their practical experience.

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Bohdan Oryshchak

This course helped me a lot to figure out how everything works in DS, acquire basic skills and become more self-confident as a developer

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Vasyl Koval

If you wanna obtain practical experience working as a Data Science and Machine Learning specialist, I recommend this Data Science Camp as the best source to meet all your needs. This is really good chance to get knowledge about work in IT. I wish all the best to the lecturers and organizers of this camp, who have invest a lot of efforts, knowledge and patience in the preparation of materials and who have always been open to contact.

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Vadym Samsonovych

It was a great experience and a good teacher, the variety of theoretical lectures and practical tasks is fascinating

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Vlad Lisovskyi

Mentors have done excellent work on this course. It contains the detailed and comprehensive information that covers a large scope of ML solutions, starting from basics and then moving to more specific subjects. Additional thanks to the mentors who helped a lot with minor difficulties and patiently explained unclear parts. Definitely I recommend this course as it helps beginners to dive into Data Science from scratch and enhance understanding for those who already have some knowledge of DS.

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Borys Lypa

Well, it was cool, covers a lot of areas, presented in attractive manner, interesting practical tasks prepared in format to spend narrow time for learning


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